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Child Custody

Each Child Custody Investigation requires a different plan of action, however, whether you need to secure evidence for enforcement and/or prosecution, prove the level of ability to provide, or require proof of increased ability to pay, our expert Child Support Investigators can help you decide the most effective use of services to collect the evidence you need. Courtroom testimony can also be provided when appropriate. A surveillance private investigator could help you win your case. The Orlando Private Investigator is a Private Investigator for Hire in Orlando and the state of Florida.

Child Support

We specialize in providing discreet covert surveillances. Surveillance Specialists will document, photograph or video tape abuse, neglect or other evidences which indicates that the child is being mistreated and may be in imminent danger. Surveillance Specialists will determine whether a parent or parents indulge in reckless driving, criminal activity, alcoholism, neglect, or other activities which may affect a child's welfare


Our specialty is surveillance investigation cheating spouses Orlando to Los Angeles and all points in between. Let our experienced team of professionals help you get the answers you need about your spouse or significant other. Our Infidelity Surveillance  experts, will get you the real evidence you need to prove your case. Let our Infidelity Surveillance Experts give you both the evidence and piece of mind you are looking for.

Stalking Investigations

After a consultation to discuss your concerns, the first step is to initiate a thorough
background investigation on the stalker to determine if they have a criminal record or a prior restraining order from another
stalking victim, next we will commence surveillance of your stalker, in which they are under constant observation. This allows
us to compile information about them and gather evidence on your behalf that may be used should you pursue legal or law
enforcement action. 

Proving Income of Parent

  • Surveillance (includes video and photos)
  • Trace and Locate whereabouts
  • Hidden Asset Search
  • Undercover/Covert Operation
  • Witness Interviews
  • Computer Forensic Investigation 
  • Social Media Profiling 

Surveillance Operations

Our Firm will fully identify the target of our surveillance and obtain recent photographs of our target. Our agents will set up on the location of the target Our investigators will follow covertly and document with video all of the targets activities and  author a completed report and provide all surveillance video to the client

The Orlando Private Investigator will testify in any Court hearing for the case

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