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surveillance experts

Surveillance Experts

Copenhaver & Associates Inc. Infidelity Surveillance to catch a cheater. The Private Investigator of  Orlando Private Investigations, understand how painful might be for any person just even thinking about the possibility of a partner, or a Cheating Spouse having an affair, but living without knowing is for  most people even worse. Contact The Orlando Private Investigator. Copenhaver & Associates Inc. also offers a complete background check on every case we work.

We get you Evidence

Don't be fooled. The spouse is not the last to know. If your instinct is telling you something is wrong, don't ignore it. Our specialty is surveillance investigation cheating spouses Orlando to Los Angeles and all points in between. Let our experienced team of professionals help you get the answers you need about your spouse or significant other. Our Infidelity Surveillance  experts, will get you the real evidence you need to prove your case. Let our Infidelity Surveillance Experts give you both the evidence and piece of mind you are looking for.​

Information to Win with

Going through a messy Divorce, Don't leave out important facts and evidence in your case. The Orlando Private Investigator will also include a much needed background check. See how The Orlando Private Investigations can assist you in your Divorce case. The Orlando Private Investigator can investigate and provide you the evidence you need for your case.

We put our Clients First

The Orlando Private Investigator will treat your case discreetly and confidentially. Your privacy is our main concern. To get started, simply give us a call for a free consultation. If you think you're spouse is cheating, call The Orlando Private Investigator, (407) 947-6595. We also provide you with a current Background Check 

Thinking outside the box

Surveillance Operations

The  Private Investigator will fully identify the target of our surveillance to catch a cheater 

The Private Investigator will obtain recent photographs of our target

The  Private Investigator will identify the targets home and work addresses

The Orlando Private Investigator will us an experienced private investigator

The Orlando Private Investigator will set up on the location of the target

The Orlando Private Investigator will follow covertly and document with video all of the targets activities

The Orlando Private Investigator will author a completed report and provide all surveillance video to the client. The Orlando Private Investigator will testify in any Court hearing for the case

Traveling Affairs

  • Is you're Husband or Wife coming to Orlando for a conference, and may be cheating?
  • Are they Traveling for a business trip and working?
  • Or are they Traveling for a business trip for both work and play?

Being in Private Investigations for many years, we have seen both. When your spouse Travels often provides the cheating spouse with a perfect cover for an extramarital affair. Business travel is one of the most common settings for infidelity and fooling around even if you are happily married. An out-of-town trip allows a cheating spouse to relax and not have to worry about being seen by friend or family. In many cases, expenses can be "hidden" using a company credit card or listed as general expenses on an expense report.

Undercover Operations

Our investigator will spend the next few weeks developing relationships and mastering his new position. While observations are being made of the general environment, the investigator gradually makes inquiries of any activity that is contrary to the client's interests. These inquiries are not  made when the investigator is first hired to avoid arousing the suspicions of other employees.

Assignments continue until the client has decided that sufficient information has been gathered. Undercover personnel report daily to their manager to review the day's events. Detailed daily notes are written which in turn are complied into a weekly formal report. Any instances of major policy violations or illegal activity are immediately communicated to the client.

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